Prairie Modern specializes in high-efficiency boilers and in-floor radiant heating installations. Comfort should be the primary objective of any home during the long winters. It’s not a matter of supplying heat to the body, it’s how the body loses heat. Consistent heat radiating from the feet up helps maintain optimal comfort level, without forced air blowing dust particles around your home.

Every job is different, so we consult with hydronic heating experts to make sure each system is designed to the exact specifications and square footage of your home or garage. 

Farmers are the backbone of this province, and that’s why we offer our hydronic heating services to farms and acreages who want the most efficient heating system in their newly built shops. Working on wet and snow covered equipment will no longer be an inconvenience when you have heat radiating from your concrete floor. This quiet system will keep your floor dry and most importantly transfer heat to the most frigid part of your machinery, a component that forced-air systems lack.


Other Services We Provide



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